Peter Reichling

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This study addresses the question of how size-related changes in leaf morphology and physiology influence light absorption and carbon gain of the epiphytic bromeliad Vriesea sanguinolenta. A geometrically based computer model, Y-plant, was used for the three-dimensional reconstruction of entire plants and for calculation of whole plant light interception(More)
  • Arturo Bris, Salvatore Cantale, Jean Dermine, Peter Reichling, Neil Brisley, Annalisa Russino
  • 1999
Is there an interaction between bank capital requirements and agency problems? To which extent is the assumption of perfectly aligned bank manager-shareholders harmless? To address these questions, we consider a bank in which both a regulator-bank con‡ict and a shareholders-manager agency problem coexist. We analyze the e¤ect of capital adequacy(More)
An ATR-MIR-FTIR spectrometer was integrated into a laboratory scale anaerobic digestion setup. Automatically, a sludge sample from the digester was transferred to a measurement cell; an IR spectrum was recorded and evaluated by chemometric models to estimate the concentration of the individual volatile fatty acids (VFA). The calibration set included(More)
Modeling and estimating loss given default (LGD) is necessary for banks that apply for the internal ratings based approach for retail portfolios. To validate LGD estimations, there are only a few approaches discussed in the literature. In this paper, two models for validating relative LGD and absolute losses are developed. The validation of relative LGD is(More)
The paper empirically analyzes the impact of the degree of efficiency on key performance figures of publicly traded European banks in the period from 2005 to 2009. Efficiency is measured by constructing non-parametric frontiers using the technique of data envelopment analysis on the cost, revenue, and profit sides. Decomposition of overall efficiency(More)
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