Peter Reichl

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Over the last couple of years, the scope of Quality of Experience (QoE) research has been constantly extended, most recently to the field of Web QoE in the context of HTTP-based applications. In this paper, we address the question whether it is sufficient to reduce typical Web QoE assessment scenarios to the temporal aspects of waiting for task completion,(More)
The vision-based detection of hand gestures is one technological enabler for <i>Natural User Interfaces</i> which try to provide a natural and intuitive interaction with computers. In particular, mobile devices might benefit from such a less device-centric but more natural input possibility. In this paper, we introduce our ongoing work on the visual(More)
The increasing complexity of cellular radio networks yields new demands concerning network security. Especially the task of detecting, repulsing and preventing abuse both by inand outsiders becomes more and more difficult. This paper deals with a relatively new technique that appears to be suitable for solving these issues, i.e. anomaly detection based on(More)
Since the Internet is on the move to provide differentiated services, for the backbone based on the Differentiated Services Architecture (DiffServ), suitable management mechanisms are required. Scalable solutions for overload management are a must, such as economically-driven functions of charging and pricing. Future commercial networks need to offer as(More)
The accurateness of round-tripand one way delay measurements for 2G and 3G networks rely to a much larger extent on employing a sound methodological framework than this is the case for other types of networks. Typical mobile access networks differ significantly from core networks, most prominently with respect to delay. In this paper we present(More)
In the context of the rapidly increasing commercialization of the Internet, the design of suitable pricing models for packet-based networks becomes a necessity for offering approaches for financially-driven sharing of global resources between multiple customers with varying requirements. Addressing such differentiated services both from a customer and a(More)
This paper proposes Adaptive Multi-Path routing (AMP) as a simple algorithm for dynamic traffic engineering within autonomous systems. In contrast to related multipath routing proposals, AMP does not employ a global perspective of the network in each node. It restricts available information to a local scope, which opens the potential of reducing signaling(More)
Suitable pricing models for Internet services represent one of the main prerequisites for a successfully running implementation of a charging and accounting system. This paper introduces general aspects influencing the choice of a pricing model in practical situations and presents a survey as well as a classification of relevant and advanced approaches to(More)