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In Xenopus somatic cell nuclear cloning, the nucleoli of donor nuclei rapidly and almost completely disappear in egg cytoplasm. We previously showed that the germ cell-specific proteins FRGY2a and FRGY2b were responsible for this unusually drastic nucleolar disassembly. The nucleolar disassembly occurs without inhibition of pre-rRNA transcription, a well(More)
Somatic cell nuclear cloning has repeatedly demonstrated striking reversibility of epigenetic regulation of cell differentiation. Upon injection into eggs, the donor nuclei exhibit global chromatin decondensation, which might contribute to reprogramming the nuclei by derepressing dormant genes. Decondensation of sperm chromatin in eggs is explained by the(More)
BACKGROUND Growing interest in the promise of patient-centered care has led to numerous health care innovations, including the patient-centered medical home, shared decision-making, and payment reforms. How best to vet and adopt innovations is an open question. Washington State has been a leader in health care reform and is a rich laboratory for(More)
BACKGROUND Alzheimer's disease (AD) impacts on persons with AD as well their families. This survey aimed to identify information/communication gaps, and quality of life and other issues, from both perspectives. METHODS Persons with AD and their families or other carers from Europe, Brazil, and North America completed telephone interviews. Responses were(More)
BACKGROUND Patient-centered innovation is spreading at the federal and state levels. A conceptual framework can help frame real-world examples and extract systematic learning from an array of innovative applications currently underway. The statutory, economic, and political environment in Washington State offers a special contextual laboratory for observing(More)
t a a b C b a a h h p t m f v l S p t h d d As baby boomers age in the United States, our society is howing an ever-increasing thirst for information on how to aintain youthfulness and good health. There is a growing uest for knowledge and strategies for maintaining mental cuity. In the popular media as well as in more professionlly focused literature,(More)
Being aware of the potentially devastating impacts of plant diseases on food security, governments have designed and employ plant health legislation to prevent or inhibit the worst impacts. The development of such policies in Britain, and latterly in Europe, can be closely linked to disease events that have occurred in the potato sector. We analyse early(More)
The creation of the Central Laboratory immediately after the United Alkali Company (UAC) was formed in 1890, by amalgamating the Leblanc alkali works in Britain, brought high expectations of repositioning the company by replacing its obsolete Leblanc process plant and expanding its range of chemical products. By 1914, UAC had struggled with few exceptions(More)
A tension exists between damage caused to the environment by novel chemicals and the advance in industrial and economic progress based on the same products. This was brought to the fore in Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. However, this was not altogether a new story. For some, such as Robert Angus Smith, concerns arose in the nineteenth century with the(More)
This article presents work in progress exploring social constructivism within Mode Neutral, and how various conditions impact upon the student experience. Mode Neutral’s three dimensions – curriculum design, the role of the tutor and communication for learning – are affected by the conditions that can vary in any given context. The authors realise that both(More)