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Speed alone is insufficient for real-time performance. We define real-time performance in terms of speed, responsiveness, timeliness, and graceful adaptation. We claim that all four aspects are essential if a system is to support real-time problem-solving. We also present a distributed knowledge p rocessing architecture based on the lackboard paradigm that(More)
1. Motivations There is a wide variety of areas where matching and unification problems arise: (1.1) <i>Databases</i> The user of a <i>(relational) database</i> [22] may logically AND the properties she wants to retrieve or else she may be interested in the NATURAL JOIN [17] of two stored relations. In neither case, she would appreciate if she constantly(More)
Extended Abstract-1. Introduction For almost as long as attempts at proving theorems by machines have been made, a critical problem has been well known: Equational axioms, if left without precautions in the data base of an automatic theorem prover (ATP), will force the ATP to go astray. Four approaches to cope with equality axioms have been proposed: (1) To(More)