Peter Raulefs

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Speed alone is insufficient for real-time performance. We define real-time performance in terms of speed, responsiveness, timeliness, and graceful adaptation. We claim that all four aspects are essential if a system is to support real-time problem-solving. We also present a distributed knowledge processing architecture based on the lackboard paradigm that(More)
1. Motivations There is a wide variety of areas where matching and unification problems arise: (1.1) <i>Databases</i> The user of a <i>(relational) database</i> [22] may logically AND the properties she wants to retrieve or else she may be interested in the NATURAL JOIN [17] of two stored relations. In neither case, she would appreciate if she constantly(More)
For a l m o s t as l o n g as a t t e m p t s a t p r o v i n g theorems by mach ines have been made, a c r i t i c a l p r o b l e m has been w e l l known: E q u a t i o n a l a x i o m s , i f l e f t w i t h o u t p r e c a u t i o n s i n t he d a t a base o f a n a u t o m a t i c t heo rem p r o v e r (ATP) , w i l l f o r c e the ATP t o g o a s t r(More)