Peter R. Rizun

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We describe the WHaT, a wireless device for hap-tic texture measurement and interaction. The WHaT is designed for simultaneously measuring contact force and acceleration in a hand-held probe. The probe is small and can be comfortably held, like a pen. It transmits contact measurements to a host computer over a wireless link, with low latency. We discuss the(More)
A novel method for assessing the accuracy of inertial/magnetic sensors is presented. The method, referred to as the "residual matrix" method, is advantageous because it decouples the sensor's error with respect to Earth's gravity vector (attitude residual error: pitch and roll) from the sensor's error with respect to magnetic north (heading residual error),(More)
BACKGROUND Haptic feedback increases operator performance and comfort during telerobotic manipulation. Feedback of grasping pressure is critical in many microsurgical tasks, yet no haptic interface for surgical tools is commercially available. METHODS Literature on the psychophysics of touch was reviewed to define the spectrum of human touch perception(More)
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