Peter R. Massopust

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In Chui and Wang 3], support properties are derived for a scaling function generating a function space V 0 L 2 (IR). Motivated by this work, we consider support properties for scaling vectors. In 9], Goodman and Lee derive necessary and suucient conditions for the scaling vector f 1 ; : : :; r g, r 1, to form a Riesz basis for V 0 and develop a general(More)
In this paper we construct IR n-valued biorthogonal, compactly supported multiwavelet families such that one of the biorthogo-nal pairs consists of divergence-free vector wavelets. The construction is based largely on Lemari e's idea of multiresolution analyses intertwined by diierentiation. We show that this technique extends nontrivially to multiwavelets(More)
Networks or graphs play an important role in the biological sciences. Protein interaction networks and metabolic networks support the understanding of basic cellular mechanisms. In the human brain, networks of functional or structural connectivity model the information-flow between cortex regions. In this context, measures of network properties are needed.(More)
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