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In this article we present an approach to object tracking handover in a network of smart cameras, based on self-interested autonomous agents, which exchange responsibility for tracking objects in a market mechanism, in order to maximise their own utility. A novel ant-colony inspired mechanism is used to learn the vision graph, that is, the camera(More)
The functional consequences of the G80A RFC SNP on the expressed reduced folate carrier protein were evaluated by looking at the relationship between intake of folate, plasma folate and cellular stores of the vitamin. The effect on homocysteine was also examined. Homocysteine is a thiol that is known to be inversely associated with folate, and which is(More)
To solve multi-objective problems, multiple reward signals are often scalarized into a single value and further processed using established single-objective problem solving techniques. While the field of multi-objective optimization has made many advances in applying scalarization techniques to obtain good solution trade-offs, the utility of applying these(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether pregnant women and their newborns show evidence of iodine deficiency, and to examine the correlation between maternal urine iodine concentration (UIC) and newborn thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) level. DESIGN A cross-sectional study. SETTING Hospital antenatal care services (March-May 2004) and private obstetrician(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of iodine deficiency in primary school children in an Australian urban population. DESIGN AND SETTING A cross-sectional survey of school children aged 5-13 years attending a public school on the Central Coast of New South Wales in November 2000. PARTICIPANTS 324 (70%) of the 465 children enrolled in the school (180(More)
—Novel computing systems are increasingly being composed of large numbers of heterogeneous components, each with potentially different goals or local perspectives, and connected in networks which change over time. Management of such systems quickly becomes infeasible for humans. As such, future computing systems should be able to achieve advanced levels of(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the implementation of guidelines for vaccine storage in general practice, and their effectiveness in achieving optimum vaccine storage temperatures in fridges. DESIGN Repeated cross-sectional surveys over time--phase 1 1996/97, phase 2 1998/99, phase 3 1999/2000. SETTING Central Coast, New South Wales. PARTICIPANTS Phase 1--all(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Folic acid mediates transfer of one-carbon units into methionine and DNA-thymine biosynthesis. Discretionary and mandatory use of synthetic folic acid (SFA) to reduce spina bifida is on the increase. We show that historically, the seasonal cycle of abundance of folate-rich foods may have regulated embryo viability by acting as a selection(More)
Pharmacies on the Central Coast of NSW were surveyed to assess the ability of refrigerators used for vaccine storage to maintain the recommended temperature range (2 to 8 degrees C). Refrigerators used for vaccine storage were monitored over a 3-day period using a temperature data logger. Fifty-nine (59) retail pharmacies were identified. The response rate(More)
Modern compute systems continue to evolve towards increasingly complex, heterogeneous and distributed architectures. At the same time, functionality and performance are no longer the only aspects when developing applications for such systems, and additional concerns such as flexibility, power efficiency, resource usage, reliability and cost are becoming(More)