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Adapted hybrid prismatic-tetrahedral grid about a hemisphere. (b) Surface Mach contours on the symmetry plane for supersonic laminar ow (M 1 = 1:4, Re = 1000) 128]. 37 Figure 8. Comparison of various discretization methods for the circular advection problem 13]. (a) Grid used for the two-dimensional advection equation. (b) Piecewise-constant nite-volume(More)
I I of Partial A general survey of grid generation is presented with a concern for understanding why grids are necessary, how they are applied, and how they are generated. After an examination of the need for such meshes, the overall applications setting is established with a categorization of the various connectivity patterns. This is split LvetWee~;(More)
A technique for the generation of conformal adaptive refinement of hex meshes is presented. Automatic Nested Refinement is a technique for generating recursively nested topology automatically. It can be applied inside GridPro's topological paradigm to generate block structured grids which can resolve tiny features in the problem while providing for a smooth(More)
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