Peter R. Briggs

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V. Haverd, M. R. Raupach, P. R. Briggs, J. G. Canadell, S. J. Davis, R. M. Law, C. P. Meyer, G. P. Peters, C. Pickett-Heaps, and B. Sherman CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, P.O. Box 3023, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia University of California, Dept. of Earth System Science, Irvine, CA, USA CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, PB1, Aspendale, Victoria(More)
Endosulfan (C9H6O3Cl6S; 6,7,8,9,10,10-hexachloro-1,5,5a,6,9,9a-hexahydro-6,9-methano-2,4,3-benzodioxathiepin 3-oxide) and other agricultural chemicals can be transported from farms to rivers by several airborne pathways including spray drift and vapor transport. This paper describes a modeling framework for quantifying both of these airborne pathways,(More)
Introduction Chlorodioxins can be formed in a two-step condensation reaction from ortho-substituted chlorophenoxy radicals or anions (1-3). The first route is of significance only where strongly oxidizing conditions exist such as a reaction of chlorine with pentachlorophenol at elevated temperature. For the second route we have investigated the condensation(More)
To reduce endosulfan (C9H6O3Cl6S; 6,7,8,9,10,10-hexachloro-1,5, 5a,6,9,9a-hexahydro-6,9-methano-2,4,3-benzodioxathiepin 3-oxide) contamination in rivers and waterways, it is important to know the relative significances of airborne transport pathways (including spray drift, vapor transport, and dust transport) and waterborne transport pathways (including(More)
Michael J. Pook*, James S. Risbey, Caroline C. Ummenhofer, Peter R. Briggs and Timothy J. Cohen 1 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Oceans and Atmosphere, Hobart, TAS, Australia 2 Department of Physical Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA, USA 3 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research(More)
This pilot study sought to describe the diagnostic pathways for patients with lung cancer and explore the feasibility of a medical record audit for this purpose. An audit of 25 medical records of patients with a confirmed diagnosis of lung cancer was conducted, at a single outer metropolitan hospital in Victoria. Patients were presented to secondary care(More)