Peter R. Andrews

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Beta-turns are important topological motifs for biological recognition of proteins and peptides. Organic molecules that sample the side chain positions of beta-turns have shown broad binding capacity to multiple different receptors, for example benzodiazepines. Beta-turns have traditionally been classified into various types based on the backbone dihedral(More)
Shaping ultrafast laser pulses using adaptive feedback can manipulate dynamics in molecular systems, but extracting information from the optimized pulse remains difficult. Experimental time constraints often limit feedback to a single observable, complicating efforts to decipher the underlying mechanisms and parameterize the search process. Here we show,(More)
We report techniques developed to utilize three-dimensional momentum information as feedback in adaptive femtosecond control of molecular dynamics. Velocity map imaging is used to obtain the three-dimensional momentum map of the dissociating ions following interaction with a shaped intense ultrafast laser pulse. In order to recover robust feedback(More)
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