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The diversity of all turtles and tortoises (chelonians) in the world that has existed in modern times (since 1500 AD), and currently generally recognized as distinct by specialists in turtle taxonomy and systematics, consists of approximately 331 species, of which 56 are polytypic, with 121 additional recognized subspecies, or 452 total taxa of modern(More)
Resource use and phylogeny are often correlated with morphological variation. Moreover, because biological shapes are often complex and evolve depending on several internal constraints, they must be assessed using integrative methods. We analyzed the morphological variation of the turtle skull in the context of an adaptive radiation. Our focus are turtles(More)
Several important aspects of the evolution of the softshell turtle (family Trionychidae) have not been addressed thoroughly in previous studies, including the pattern and timing of diversification of major clades and species boundaries of the critically endangered Shanghai Softshell Turtle, Rafetus swinhoei. To address these issues, we analyzed data from(More)
General practitioners (GPs) need to feel that they are doing a good job in providing care of high quality in a humane manner - that they are "good" doctors. The General Medical Council booklet Good Medical Practice is full of imperatives, but short on values that are the determinants of behaviour. Much has been written on doctors' professional values in the(More)
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