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Today meaning of games is much more serious than just considering them as an entertainment and free-time activity. Games have begun to be used in many different areas such as education, healthcare, military, corporate management and public policy for different purposes. Several benefits of serious games have been reported in the literature. Studies also(More)
BACKGROUND Methadone is prescribed to heroin addicts to decrease illicit opioid use. Prolongation of the QT interval in the ECG of patients with torsade de pointes (TdP) has been reported in methadone users. As heroin addicts sometimes faint while using illicit drugs, doctors might attribute too many episodes of syncope to illicit drug use and thereby(More)
Blood samples were drawn from 291 drug users attending methadone clinics throughout 1997 and interviews performed about associated risk factors for seroconversion. The overall prevalence of HIV was 3.4%. Sixty-four percent tested positive for HBV and 75% for HCV. Almost all with a ten year history of drug use acquired one or more of the infections,(More)
Epidemiological features of an outbreak of group B:15:P1.16 meningococcal disease (MD) in Frederiksborg county, Denmark, 1987-9, were investigated. The study comprised 149 cases notified during the outbreak and the two preceding years; 115 were confirmed by the isolation of Neisseria meningitidis. In 1989 the incidence had increased to 14.1 per 100,000(More)
During the years 1983 to 1988, a marked increase in the number of Salmonella infections notified to the Medical Officer of health in Frederiksborg was observed. The epidemiology of Salmonella infections has altered decisively during the past 5-10 years. The number has increased drastically and this increase is due particularly to increase in the number of(More)
II. Other papers presented The Effect of Insulin on Glycogen Synthesis in the Intact Levator ani Muscle of the Rat. S. ADOr.FSSON and O. S~vIK. D e p a r t m e n t of Physiology, Un ive r s i t y of GSteborg, Sweden, and Ins t i t u t e for Medical Biochemis t ry , Un ive r s i t y of Oslo, Norway . The l eva tor ani muscle of i m m a t u r e male ra ts can(More)