Peter Praper

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OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to evaluate the prevalence of elevated depression and anxiety among pregnant women and to examine its correlation with medical complications and socio-demographic characteristics. METHODS The study is based on a cross-sectional design of a sample of 348 women in three trimesters of pregnancy who received routine(More)
In light of the controversy regarding the diagnostic classification and epidemiology of preschool psychiatric disorders, more research into the taxonomy of preschool psychopathology seems warranted. In Slovenia the signs and symptoms of preschool psychopathology are screened for in the population using the Psychological Screening Survey of Three-year olds(More)
The question of diagnostic phase is still relevant in clinical psychoanalysis and psychoanalytical psychotherapies. Orthodox psychoanalysis was not preoccupied with the question of diagnostic assessment. The psychoanalyst simply introduced the methods and techniques of analysis into his clinical work to determine the analysability of a patient. The first(More)
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