Peter Politzer

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Historically, Hammett constants have been extremely effective in describing the influence of substituents on chemical reactivity and other physical and chemical properties, whereas variables derived from quantum chemical calculations have generally been less effective. Taking the experimental pK(a)s of substituted anilines as a representative(More)
Invoking the known link between impact sensitivity and compressibility, we have expanded upon an earlier preliminary study of the significance of the available free space per molecule in the unit cell, ΔV. We express ΔV as V(eff) - V(int), where V(eff) corresponds to zero free space, V(eff) = molecular mass/density. V(int) is the intrinsic gas phase(More)
It is well-established that many covalently-bonded atoms of Groups IV-VII have directionally-specific regions of positive electrostatic potential (σ-holes) through which they can interact with negative sites. In the case of Group VII, this is called "halogen bonding." We have studied two series of molecules: the F3MX and, for comparison, the H3MX (M = C, Si(More)
The electrostatic potential V(r) that is created in the space around a molecule by its nuclei and electrons (treated as static distributions of charge) is a very useful property for analyzing and predicting molecular reactive behavior. It is rigorously defined and can be determined experimentally as well as computationally. The potential has been(More)
Covalently-bonded atoms of Groups IV–VII tend to have anisotropic charge distributions, the electronic densities being less on the extensions of the bonds (σ-holes) than in the intervening regions. These σ-holes often give rise to positive electrostatic potentials through which the atom can interact attractively and highly directionally with negative sites(More)
Introduction The Stark profile of an allowed spectral line interacting with a nearby forbidden transition has received much attention in recent years. Not only is this problem of basic theoretical interest but a thorough understanding of it will provide a powerful diagnostic method of determining plasma densities. Not only the linewidth of a Stark-broadened(More)