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The constantly growing quest for global roaming with a fast mobile internet access has further increased demand for multiband 3G cell phones supporting also 2G/2.5G standards, in order to provide full coverage any time, any place. In order to substantially reduce cost and size of the multimode, multiband handsets, it is necessary to develop a transmitter(More)
The increasing complexity and cost pressure of advanced radios for mobile communication devices dictates further integration of front-end components into the transceiver (TRX) in order to reduce bill-of-material (BoM), printed-circuit-board (PCB) area and system cost. In [1] a fully-digital polar modulator is presented, which enables a SAW-less 2G/3G(More)
A load-insensitive fully-integrated quad- band GSM/EDGE radio frequency power amplifier for 824-915 MHz and 1710-1910 MHz has been realized in a 0.35-mum SiGeC-Bipolar technology. The chip integrates a low- and high-band 3-stage power amplifier including a bias-control circuit for power control, band select and mode as well as ramping dependent quiescent(More)
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