Peter Perry

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The need for policies to control calls is justified by the changing face of communications. It is argued that call control requires distinctive capabilities in a policy system. A spe-cialised policy language called APPEL (ACCENT Project Policy Environment/Language) has therefore been developed for this purpose. However the policy language is cleanly(More)
We consider the problem of enumerating permutations in the symmetric group on n elements which avoid a given set of consecutive pattern S, and in particular computing asymptotics as n tends to infinity. We develop a general method which solves this enumeration problem using the spectral theory of integral operators on L 2 ([0, 1] m), where the patterns in S(More)
We review Evans' contributions to the spectral theory of operators describing relativistic particle systems. We will concentrate on no-pair operators and recent extensions of that work. William Desmond Evans contributed to the spectral theory of operators describing relativistic particle systems as follows: (1) W. D. Evans. A problem in relativistic quantum(More)
The additive turbulent decomposition (ATD) method is a computational scheme for solving the Navier–Stokes equations and related nonlinear dissipative evolution equations. It involves a decomposition of the Navier–Stokes equation into equations for large-and small-scale components similar in spirit, but different in details, to the nonlinear Galerkin methods(More)
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