Peter Pawliuk

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When analyzing the two-dimensional multiple scattering of electromagnetic waves by cylinders, the incident, scattered, and transmitted fields need to be represented by infinite sums of cylindrical wave modes. These infinite sums need to be truncated to a finite limit in order to calculate the scattering matrix. The accuracy of the scattered field(More)
The two-dimensional vector plane wave spectrum (VPWS) is scattered from parallel circular cylinders using a boundary value solution with the T-matrix formalism. The VPWS allows us to define the incident, two-dimensional electromagnetic field with an arbitrary distribution and polarization, including both radiative and evanescent components. Using the fast(More)
The scattering of a two-dimensional Gaussian beam from a homogeneous dielectric cylinder is analyzed using a plane-wave spectrum. Special attention is given to the computation of the evanescent field of the beam and its effect in the scattering. A comparison is made between the evanescent field in Cartesian coordinates and in cylindrical coordinates as a(More)
The solution for the vector plane wave spectrum scattering from multiple cylinders by Pawliuk and Yedlin [J. Opt. Soc. A28, 1177 (2011)] only provided the single scattering coefficients for the TM polarization case. The TE solution is similar except for the form of the single scattering coefficients. Here we describe the single scattering coefficients for(More)
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