Peter P. Pott

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In this paper we present a new single port robotic system particularly designed for single port access surgery in the field of colon cancer. In contrast to most state of the art systems the two intracorporeal manipulator arms are set up using a parallel kinematic structure with 5DOF, which are integrated into a shaft of 38mm in diameter. The parallel(More)
This paper describes an underwater robot navigation strategy in flow. Our aim is to demonstrate that knowing the relative flow speed is advantageous because it permits using more energy efficient and stable control for trajectory following. We use a biomimetic robot that moves in uniform flow using a side-slipping maneuver. Side-slipping permits the robot(More)
An active orthosis was designed to support users with reduced muscle strength with an additional knee joint torque to improve the independency in everyday activities. In two persons the hypothesis was tested that less muscle activity is necessary when standing up with the active support of a motorized orthosis. The orthosis is a custom-made knee-ankle-foot(More)
Single port surgery is an innovative approach in the field of minimally invasive surgery. Although several telemanipulators exist to perform operations through only a single incision they all suffer from the lack of haptic feedback. To generate kinesthetic feedback the intracorporeal forces need to be measured, which is a challenging task. To overcome these(More)
This paper presents the development of a surgical instrument to measure interaction forces/torques with organic tissue during operation. The focus is on the design progress of the sensor element, consisting of a spoke wheel deformation element with a diameter of 12 mm and eight inhomogeneous doped piezoresistive silicon strain gauges on an integrated(More)
A prototype of a powered knee orthotic device was developed to determine whether fractional external torque and power support to the knee relieves the biomechanical loads and reduces the muscular demand for a subject performing sit-to-stand movements. With this demonstrator, consisting of the subsystems actuation, kinematics, sensors, and control, all(More)
Piezo-electric ultrasonic actuators offer large static torque and precise rotary motion while avoiding self-motion when un-powered. In this work, a U164-11 ultrasonic piezo-electric module driving an Al2O3 ceramic ring is controlled by a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA to implement a haptic feedback system. The controller supports a runtime-adjustable capture detent(More)
Mit geeigneten tribologischen Prüfsystemen kann die Reibungszahl von Knorpelgewebe ermittelt werden, für die eine Größenordnung im Prozent- bis Promillebereich anzusetzen ist. Die Reibungszahl wird aus der Reibkraft und der senkrecht darauf stehenden Belastungskraft errechnet. Ihr Betrag wird durch verschiedene Prüfparameter beeinflusst. Zur Ermittlung der(More)