Peter P. J. Roosjen

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BACKGROUND West Nile virus (WNV) is a highly pathogenic flavivirus transmitted by Culex spp. mosquitoes. In North America (NA), lineage 1 WNV caused the largest outbreak of neuroinvasive disease to date, while a novel pathogenic lineage 2 strain circulates in southern Europe. To estimate WNV lineage 2 epidemic potential it is paramount to know if mosquitoes(More)
In this paper, a laboratory goniometer system for performing multi-angular measurements under controlled illumination conditions is described. A commercially available robotic arm enables the acquisition of a large number of measurements over the full hemisphere within a short time span making it much faster than other goniometers. In addition, the(More)
Reflectance anisotropy is a signal that contains information on the optical and structural properties of a surface and can be studied by performing multi-angular reflectance measurements that are often done using cumbersome goniometric measurements. In this paper we describe an innovative and fast method where we use a hyperspectral pushbroom spectrometer(More)
Gingival re-epithelialization represents an essential phase of oral wound healing in which epithelial integrity is re-establish. We developed an automated high-throughput re-epithelialization kinetic model, using the gingival epithelial cell line Ca9-22. The model was employed to screen 39 lactic acid bacteria, predominantly including oral isolates, for(More)
Surface moisture is an important supply limiting factor for aeolian sand transport, which is the primary driver of coastal dune development. As such, it is critical to account for the control of surface moisture on available sand for dune building. Optical remote sensing has the potential to measure surface moisture at a high spatio-temporal resolution. It(More)
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