Peter Ouyang

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We explore the addition of fundamental matter to the Klebanov-Witten field theory. We add probe D7-branes to the N = 1 theory obtained from placing D3-branes at the tip of the conifold and compute the meson spectrum for the scalar mesons. In the UV limit of massless quarks we find the exact dimensions of the associated operators, which exhibit a simple(More)
We assemble a few remarks on the supergravity solution of hep-th/0007191, whose UV asymptotic form was previously found in hep-th/0002159. First, by normalizing the R-R fluxes, we compare the logarithmic flow of couplings in supergravity with that in field theory, and find exact agreement. We also write the 3-form field strength G3 = F3 − τH3 present in the(More)
We review extensions of the AdS/CFT correspondence to gauge/ gravity dualities with N = 1 supersymmetry. In particular, we describe the gauge/gravity dualities that emerge from placing D3-branes at the apex of the conifold. We consider first the conformal case, with discussions of chiral primary operators and wrapped D-branes. Next, we break the conformal(More)
Dunnett's many-to-one test is used frequently today, especially in dose-finding studies. Using Dunnett's test, the Type I error level for the comparison between the raw mean of the control and the raw means of the study drug groups can be exactly calculated for the normal data. However, this computability depends on the independence of the raw means.(More)
This paper presents a case study in longitudinal data analysis where the goal is to estimate the efficacy of a new drug for treatment of a severe chronic constipation. Data consist of long sequences of binary outcomes (relief/no relief) on each of a large number of patients randomized to treatment (low and high dose) or placebo. Data characteristics(More)
We study excited spherical branes (“giant gravitons”) in AdS × S spacetimes with background flux. For large excitation, these branes may be treated semiclassically. We compute their spectra using Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization and use the AdS/CFT correspondence to relate them to anomalous dimensions in the dual field theory at strong coupling, expressed as a(More)
We construct a solution of eleven dimensional supergravity corresponding to a stack of M2 branes localized at the center of a particular eight dimensional hyper-Kähler manifold constructed by Gauntlett, Gibbons, Papadopoulos, and Townsend, generalizing the earlier construction of Cherkis and Hashimoto. In the decoupling limit, this solution is dual to a(More)