Peter O. Lauritzen

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In this paper, an improved approach for the modeling of power thyristors is presented. A modified two-transistor configuration based on the Gummel-Poon model is applied. This model takes into account the conductivity modulation and carrier-carrier scattering by using nonlinear current sources. The current gain of the transistor is studied relating it to the(More)
In this paper, a general, robust, and automatic parameter extraction of nonlinear compact models is presented. The parameter extraction is based on multiobjective optimization using evolutionary algorithms, which allow fitting of several highly nonlinear and highly conflicting characteristics simultaneously. Two multiobjective evolutionary algorithms which(More)
Color video tapes were prepared for each unit in a personalized system of instruction (PSI) electronics course to present background material, survey concepts, and demonstrate hardware. The 20 min tapes were provided to students as an optional learning resource of which 40 percent of the students chose to use. These tended to be students who use the(More)
The SCR-GTO model in this paper is specifically designed to meet the performance features proposed for the basic performance level. An innovative and unique Quasi-Physical modeling technique combines a behavioral switch model and a physical diode model to avoid the convergence difficulties which can occur when regenerative thyristor models are used. A(More)
Magnetic saturation and hysteresis are simulated on SPICE2 using a model containing two nonlinear controlled sources. The model is applied to inductors and transformers made from a variety of core materials, and procedures are given for determining the model parameters directly from magnetic core catalog data. Four examples of circuit applications are(More)
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