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Small protein domains, capable of specific binding to different target proteins have been selected using combinatorial approaches. These binding proteins, called affibodies, were designed by randomization of 13 solvent-accessible surface residues of a stable alpha-helical bacterial receptor domain Z, derived from staphylococcal protein A. Repertoires of(More)
An automated fluorometric microculture cytotoxicity assay (FMCA) based on the measurement of fluorescence generated from cellular hydrolysis of fluorescein diacetate (FDA) to fluorescein was employed for chemotherapeutic-drug-sensitivity testing of tumor-cell suspensions from patients with leukemia. Fluorescence was linearly related to cell number, and(More)
Genetic engineering enables the construction of gene man Genome Project (5), efficient and robust production and purification strategies are necessary (6). For fusions resulting in fusion proteins having the combined properties of the original gene products. Fusion industrial production of recombinant proteins, simple and fast purification methods(More)
The possibility of increasing the affinity of a Taq DNA polymerase specific binding protein (affibody) was investigated by an alpha-helix shuffling strategy. The primary affibody was from a naive combinatorial library of the three-helix bundle Z domain derived from staphylococcal protein A. A hierarchical library was constructed through selective(More)
BACKGROUND Irreversible electroporation (IRE) is a local tumor treatment. Thin needles are placed percutaneously around the tumor under ultrasound guidance. Short pulses of direct current sent through the tissue irreversibly increase cell membrane permeability leading to cell death. We report a phase 1 study assessing the safety of ultrasound guided(More)
Vincristine (Vcr) dose dependently inhibited growth of the kidney adenocarcinoma cell line ACHN during 4 days of culture. Verapamil (Ver) at 10 microM and cyclosporin A (CsA) at 1 microgram/ml had no effect on cell growth but significantly potentiated the action of Vcr, despite the absence of the multidrug resistance associated membrane P-glycoprotein(More)
Recent reports have demonstrated beneficial effects of proinsulin C-peptide in the diabetic state, including improvements of kidney and nerve function. To examine the background to these effects, C-peptide binding to cell membranes has been studied by using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Measurements of ligand-membrane interactions at(More)
Multiple myeloma cell lines and patient tumor samples with and without the expression of the classical multidrug resistance (MDR) phenotype were investigated in vitro for drug induced cytotoxicity and modulation of drug resistance. Overall there was a good correlation in the cell lines between MDR expression, as measured by immunocytochemistry with(More)
The accumulation and cytotoxicity of vincristine (Vcr), etoposide (VP16), and daunorubicin (Dau) and effect of the resistance modifiers (RM) verapamil (Ver; 10 microM) and cyclosporin A (CyA; 3 microM) were studied in isolated rat cardiac myocytes, peripheral lymphocytes from seven patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), in the human leukemic cell(More)
Patients with peritoneal or local metastases from colorectal cancer have a poor prognosis. However, aggressive treatments by debulking surgery and infusional intraperitoneal (i.p.) chemotherapy have been tried and appear to benefit selected patients. We assayed the effects of debulking surgery and i.p. chemotherapy with respect to survival and compared the(More)