Peter Novitzky

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Ambient assisted living (AAL) technologies can provide assistance and support to persons with dementia. They might allow them the possibility of living at home for longer whilst maintaining their comfort and security as well as offering a way towards reducing the huge economic and personal costs forecast as the incidence of dementia increases worldwide over(More)
In a lifelog, data from various sources are combined to form a record from which one can retrieve information about oneself and the environment in which one is situated. It could be considered similar to an automated biography. Lifelog technology is still at an early stage of development. However, the history of lifelogs so far shows a clear academic,(More)
The rapid evolution of information, communication and entertainment technologies will transform the lives of citizens and ultimately transform society. This paper focuses on ethical issues associated with the likely convergence of virtual realities (VR) and social networks (SNs), hereafter VRSNs. We examine a scenario in which a significant segment of the(More)
Many herbicides inhibit chloroplast electron transport by in terfering w ith a pro teinaceous com ponent o f the QB complex located in the appressed granal m em brane. C erta in o f these herbicides, designated inhibitory uncouplers, also in terfere w ith pho to p h o sp h o ry latio n and affect other chloroplast-m ediated responses, some o f w hich(More)
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