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In 8 anencephalic foetuses diagnosed by ultrasonic and x-ray examination, the authors determined the cortisol concentration of the amniotic fluid before and after intramuscular prednisolone treatment, as well as the ratio of lecithin to sphingomyeline (L/S). Compared with the data obtained in 122 normal newborn who had been born during the same pregnancy(More)
Mit 1641 Beschäftigten zweier metallverarbeitender Betriebe wurde eine Studie zu Möglichkeiten und Grenzen betrieblicher Gesundheitsförderung durchgeführt, die auch Ernährungsgewohnheiten und gesundheitsbezogene Lebensstile einschloss. Nur ein kleiner Teil der Befragten ass täglich gesunde Nahrungsmittel, viele mieden aber den täglichen Verzehr ungesunder(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate patient-reported quality of life effects of post-treatment intraoral and extraoral rehabilitation in head and neck cancer by repeated measures. Fifty-nine patients were involved. Basic socio-demographic, oncological and epidemiological data were gathered, and the type of rehabilitation was recorded. For the assessment of(More)
Surfactant content of 211 amniotic fluid samples raken between 28 and 42 weeks' gestations was determined by the shake test. Parallel with this also the lecithin/sphingomyelin (L/S) ratio was measured in 99 cases. When the test was positive no respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) occurred, while 25 RDS (53.34%) developed in 46 newborns with negative test and(More)
Previous work has shown that supporting trust via computer-mediated communication can be a challenge, especially among strangers. In this paper, we report on an experiment comparing two group-to-group video-conferencing environments and face-to-face communication in their ability to support trust and mutual cooperation in a social dilemma task. There are(More)
Pregnancy associated α2-globulin estimations were made in the serum of 100 tumour-cases. This characteristically pregnancy protein could be found in 63 p.c. of the tumour cases. The number of positive sera was higher, than in normal controls. The serum level of pregnancy associated α2-globulin was between 1 and 10 mg p.c. in 34 cases, between 11 and 20 mg(More)
Prior work on videoconferencing shows that various design changes can have profound impacts on group dynamics. In order to further explore the available design space, we report on a qualitative study that compares behaviour of groups in two group-to-group videoconferencing environments and face-to-face communication during a complex social dilemma game.(More)
Anmerkung der Redaktion: Die SPM publiziert im Foigenden die HintergrOnde zum neuen Gegenstandskataiog (GK) der F#cher Medizinische Psycho/ogle und Medizinische Soziologie. Sie versucht damit, die ReformbemOhungen im Rahmen der Ausbitdung Humanmedizin in Deutschland aktiv zu unterst#tzen. Hier abgedruckt findet sich die Entstehungsgeschichte, der(More)