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  • Peter Novák
  • 2008
Different application domains require different knowledge representation techniques. Agent designers should therefore be able to easily exploit benefits of various knowledge representation technologies in a single agent system. I describe here an agent programming framework of Be-havioural State Machines, with Jazzyk, an implemented programming language(More)
In this paper we describe a motorized device and corresponding adaptive control strategy for dynamic balance training during overground walking. The device provides adjustable level of supporting forces at the pelvis whereas adaptive control strategy periodically adjusts the training difficulty by adjusting gait velocity with respect to selected performance(More)
This paper present a new approach to the Color Fourier Transformation. Color image processing is investigated in this paper using an algebraic approach based on triplet (color) numbers. In the algebraic approach, each image color pixel is considered not as a 3D vector, but as a triplet (color) number. The so-called orthounitary transforms are introduced and(More)
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