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Cardiomyocyte loss via apoptosis plays a crucial role in ventricular remodeling following myocardial infarction (MI). Cell-based therapy approaches using bone marrow derived c-kit⁺ pluripotent cells may attenuate apoptosis following ischemic injury. We therefore thought to examine the early course of apoptosis following myocardial infarction - in-vivo - and(More)
Recent trends in the commercial use of fractional-N frequency synthesis can be attributed to the characteristic of independent loop bandwidth-channel spacing that results in low phase noise and relaxes the phase-locked loop (PLL) design constraints. This paper reviews several techniques used to implement fractional-N frequency synthesizers and discusses the(More)
Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) is a predominant imaging modality in interventional cardiology. It provides real-time cross-sectional images of arteries and assists clinicians to infer about atherosclerotic plaques composition. These plaques are heterogeneous in nature and constitute fibrous tissue, lipid deposits and calcifications. Each of these tissues(More)
PURPOSE To experimentally validate a non-linear finite element analysis (FEA) modeling approach assessing in-vitro fracture risk at the proximal femur and to transfer the method to standard in-vivo multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT) data of the hip aiming to predict additional hip fracture risk in subjects with and without osteoporosis associated(More)
Coronary artery disease leads to failure of coronary circulation secondary to accumulation of atherosclerotic plaques. In adjunction to primary imaging of such vascular plaques using coronary angiography or alternatively magnetic resonance imaging, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) is used predominantly for diagnosis and reporting of their vulnerability. In(More)
RÉSUMÉ On a comparé les performances d'engraissement et de carcasse de 20 taurillons Holstein, 68 Normands, m Charodais, 22 croisés Holstein X Normands et 2 g croisés Charolais X Normands. Les différences génotypiques ont été très importantes. En comparant les races Holstein, Normande et Charolaise dans cet ordre, on a mis en évidence un gradient(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the effect of dose reduction, by means of tube exposure reduction, on bone strength prediction from finite-element (FE) analysis. Fresh thoracic mid-vertebrae specimens (n = 11) were imaged, using multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT), at different intensities of X-ray tube exposures (80, 150, 220 and 500 mAs). Bone mineral(More)
In this paper, we introduce a framework for simulating intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) images and radiofrequency (RF) signals from histology image counterparts. We modeled the wave propagation through the Westervelt equation, which is solved explicitly with a finite differences scheme in polar coordinates by taking into account attenuation and non-linear(More)
Digital Microwave Radio communications is not a new commercial theatre but is an area that is fostering several novel implementations of older ideas. The DragonWave application for Digital Microwave Radio is for use in the backhaul of high speed data and digitized voice communications. This implementation is available as a point-to-point radio link on(More)