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Children are using the Internet at younger and younger ages. So far, however, we know little about how parents guide young children's online activities to prevent risks. Filling this void an Internet-survey established empirically which media guidance strategies 792 parents of children (2-12 years) in the Netherlands used. As was established in former(More)
By means of an Internet-survey among 536 parent-child dyads, we researched which mediation strategies parents use for their children's (8-18 years) video gaming. As in previous research on television mediation, principle factor analyses show that the same types of strategies are used: 'restrictive mediation', 'evaluative mediation', and 'consicous(More)
Previous correlational research indicates that adolescent girls who use social network sites more frequently are more dissatisfied with their bodies. However, we know little about the causal direction of this relationship, the mechanisms underlying this relationship, and whether this relationship also occurs among boys to the same extent. The present(More)
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