Peter Niblett

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P. Niblett S. Graham The OASIS Web Services Notification (WSN) family of specifications defines a standard interoperable protocol through which Web services can disseminate events. We present here a summary of three WSN specification documents that are currently available: WS-Base Notification, WS-Topics, and WS-Brokered Notification. We conclude with a(More)
Pressure in the vagina as well as within the bladder and rectum was measured during urodynamic investigations. Rectal pressure is normally used to represent changes in abdominal pressure which, when subtracted from the total bladder pressure, provides a method of assessing detrusor function. This study showed that vaginal pressure represented changes in(More)
The glomerular basement membrane (GBM) is an important component of the filtration barrier that is the glomerular capillary wall. Previously GBM permeability has been investigated only under static pressures and often within a supraphysiological range. We used Matrigel as a model of GBM and formed membranes at the base of filtration chamber. We measured(More)
BACKGROUND Hand-held Doppler is in common use for evaluating varicose veins, but its accuracy in identifying the exact sites of venous reflux is inferior to that of duplex scanning. It has been suggested that duplex should be used to investigate all varicose veins, but this is currently impractical, and should be unnecessary if hand-held Doppler examination(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the accuracy of hand held Doppler (HHD) as a rapid screening test for selecting varicose vein patients for duplex imaging. DESIGN Prospective single blind study of consecutive patients in a randomised trial. MATERIALS Use of hand held Doppler and duplex ultrasound scanners. METHODS One thousand two hundred and eighteen legs (943(More)
Duplex scanning has become the 'gold standard' for confirming reflux and demonstrating anatomy in cases of lower limb venous disease. However, the large numbers of patients presenting with varicose veins (or with skin changes and ulcers) mean that routine use of duplex is impractical, and this investigation has still not become well established in many(More)
Apart from measuring the total volume of urine leaked over prescribed periods of time, the characteristics of urine losses have been ignored. In this provisional study, conducted on 217 female patients, parameters such as the number and volume of the individual losses contributing to the total have been measured and related to the simultaneous pressure(More)
This study compared seven makes of balloon embolectomy catheter currently available, testing the most commonly used 4 Fr catheters. The volume of fluid and inflation pressure required to burst balloons of each type were measured. All balloons showed a similar shape of inflation curve, but compliance varied considerably, and the pressure required to burst(More)