Peter N. Steinmetz

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To better understand the spatial extent of the direct effects of deep brain stimulation (DBS) on neurons, we implemented a geometrically realistic finite element electrical model incorporating anisotropic and inhomogenous conductivities. The model included the subthalamic nucleus (STN), substantia nigra (SN), zona incerta (ZI), fields of Forel H2 (FF),(More)
Deep brain stimulation has been used for over a decade to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, although its mechanism of action remains poorly understood. To better understand the direct effects of DBS on central neurons, a computational model of a myelinated axon has been constructed which includes the effects of K(+) accumulation within the(More)
OBJECTIVE Statistical testing for effects of stimuli on the responses of large populations of recorded neurons is a key technique for analyzing data generated using multi-channel recording systems. Combining statistical tests for differences of the responses to different stimuli and tests for changes from background firing, while appealing as apparently(More)
OBJECTIVE Clinicians often use depth-electrode recordings to localize human epileptogenic foci. To advance the diagnostic value of these recordings, we applied logistic regression models to single-neuron recordings from depth-electrode microwires to predict seizure onset zones (SOZs). APPROACH We collected data from 17 epilepsy patients at the Barrow(More)
Neurocomputational models hold that sparse distributed coding is the most efficient way for hippocampal neurons to encode episodic memories rapidly. We investigated the representation of episodic memory in hippocampal neurons of nine epilepsy patients undergoing intracranial monitoring as they discriminated between recently studied words (targets) and new(More)
OBJECTIVE Human hypothalamic hamartomas (HH) are intrinsically epileptogenic and are associated with treatment-resistant gelastic seizures. The basic cellular mechanisms responsible for seizure onset within HH are unknown. We used intra-operative microwire recordings of single neuron activity to measure the spontaneous firing rate of neurons and the degree(More)
OBJECTIVE Hypothalamic hamartomas (HHs) are associated with refractory epilepsy and are amenable to surgical treatment. The gelastic seizures associated with HHs originate within the HH lesion, but the responsible cellular mechanisms are unknown. Microelectrode patch-clamp recordings from HH neurons in resected slice preparations show that small HH neurons(More)
Well-documented differences in the psychology and behavior of men and women have spurred extensive exploration of gender's role within the brain, particularly regarding emotional processing. While neuroanatomical studies clearly show differences between the sexes, the functional effects of these differences are less understood. Neuroimaging studies have(More)
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