Peter N. Marinos

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A number of analytical software reliability models have been proposed for estimating the reliability growth of a software product. In this paper we present an Enhanced nonhomogeneous Poisson process (ENHPP) model and show that previously reported Non-Homogeneous Poisson Process (NHPP) based models, with bounded mean value functions, are special cases of the(More)
A number of software reliability models have been proposed for assessing the reliability of a software system. In this paper, we discuss the time-domain and data-domain approaches to software reliability model-ing, and classify the previously reported models into these two classes based on their underlying assumptions. The data-domain models are further(More)
This paper reviews existing Non-Homogeneous Poisson Process (NHPP) software reliability models and their limitations, and proposes a more powerful non-homogeneous Markov model for the fault detection/removal problem. In addition, this non-homogeneous Markov model allows for the possibility of a nite time to repair a fault and for imperfections in the repair(More)