Peter N. Hyland

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This paper presents a pilot study of benefits derived from information and communications technology(ICT) adoption and use in medical practices in regional Australia. The study involved 122 regional medical practitioners. The results show that like the more general small business sector, the perception of certain benefits is associated with the size of the(More)
A number of studies have compared general medical practices in rural locations with those in urban locations. Some of these studies have concentrated on the reasons why a GP might choose to work in a rural or urban setting. Others have examined the type of work required to be undertaken by medical professionals. Increasing use of information and(More)
Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are being used more and more by general practitioners (GPs) in their day-to-day activities. While a number of studies have shown that ICT adoption and use can provide real benefits to medical practices, there have been few studies to determine whether the perception of those benefits is uniform across the(More)
Student attrition is of particular concern in the field of ICT because the industry faces staffing shortfalls, generally and a noticeable lack of female employees. This paper explores the reasons students give for leaving their ICT courses and examines gender differences in them. An online survey of early leavers from four Australian universities was(More)
This paper describes the development and testing of a system that provides casual and novice users with simple yet powerful tools to manipulate statistical data from external sources. The prototype combines Multi-Dimensional Databases and Online Analytical Processing tools to produce a generic Web-based interface compatible with a wide variety of types of(More)
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