Peter Mitchell

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chromogen of which exhibited 26 per cent of t... absorption at 590 rnp of an equal weight, of N.scetyl. ~_____ J reptinne\ value as the +anhydrc sugar has been L% the pyrolysis mixture, which is not ~l*evl pyrclyais is used in the preparation of the w&j sugar from ivory nut menncn~~. It is notewcrg that B heated mixture (1 : 1) of this anhydro(More)
BACKGROUND Trials of endovascular therapy for ischemic stroke have produced variable results. We conducted this study to test whether more advanced imaging selection, recently developed devices, and earlier intervention improve outcomes. METHODS We randomly assigned patients with ischemic stroke who were receiving 0.9 mg of alteplase per kilogram of body(More)
BACKGROUND Vertebroplasty has become a common treatment for painful osteoporotic vertebral fractures, but there is limited evidence to support its use. METHODS We performed a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in which participants with one or two painful osteoporotic vertebral fractures that were of less than 12 months'(More)
The expansion of modern human populations in Africa 80,000 to 60,000 years ago and their initial exodus out of Africa have been tentatively linked to two phases of technological and behavioral innovation within the Middle Stone Age of southern Africa-the Still Bay and Howieson's Poort industries-that are associated with early evidence for symbols and(More)
Six teenagers with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) experienced a Virtual Environment (VE) of a café. They also watched three sets of videos of real cafés and buses and judged where they would sit and explained why. Half of the participants received their VE experience between the first and second sets of videos, and half experienced it between the second(More)
This article considers three theories of autism: The Theory of Mind DeWcit, Executive Dysfunction and the Weak Central Coherence accounts. It outlines each along with studies relevant to their emergence, their expansion, their limitations and their possible integration. Furthermore, consideration is given to any implication from the theories in relation to(More)
It has been known for some time that larger graphs can be interpreted if viewed in 3D than in 2D. Both kinetic depth cues and stereoscopic depth cues increase the size of the structure that can be interpreted. However, prior studies were carried out using displays that provided a level of detail far short of what the human visual system is capable of(More)
The potential of virtual environments for teaching people with autism has been positively promoted in recent years. The present study aimed to systematically investigate this potential with 12 participants with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs), each individually matched with comparison participants according to either verbal IQ or performance IQ, as well(More)
A story is an easily accessible story or narrative to make an application live. A good story is highly specific and articulated entirely in the problem domain: the native world of the users. An important function of a story is to enable specific (quantified, relevant, explicit) discussions. Distribution This article or presentation is written as part of the(More)