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Making the ‘Marsupial Lion‘: Bunyips, Networked Colonial Knowledge Production between 1830–59 and the Description of Thylacoleo carnifex
This article explores the processes leading up to the description of Thylacoleo carnifex by Richard Owen in 1859. It argues that it resulted from thirty years of searching for extinct marsupialExpand
Assembling Acclimatization: Frederick McCoy, European Ideas, Australian Circumstances
Between 1860 and 1870 Professor Frederick McCoy synthesized a distinct theory that guided the Acclimatisation Society of Victoria's zoological importation program. He assembled this theory viaExpand
Valuing the native: River Blackfish vs. Rainbow Trout in late nineteenth and early-twentieth century Victoria
In the early-twentieth century Victorian anglers reported that native blackfish populations were declining. Some anglers and scientists attributed this decline to competition from introduced brownExpand
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