Peter Millington

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This paper reviews the worldwide growth of open-They typically use open-source OAI-compliant software but have immature licensing arrangements. Although the size of repositories is difficult to assess accurately, available data indicate that a small number of large repositories and a large number of small repositories make up the repository landscape. These(More)
SCIE's aim is to improve the experience of people who use social care services, by developing and promoting knowledge about good practice in social care.We pull together knowledge from diverse sources through working with a broad range of people and organisations. We share this knowledge freely, supporting those working in social care and empowering service(More)
Immersion of the intestinal tissue, from rat jejunum, in hypertonic saline produced very rapid changes in all regions of the epithelial cells, but the apical region was apparently unaffected by hypotonic solutions for at least (1/2) hour. In both cases, blistering of the microvilli was taken as the first sign of degenerative changes which finally resulted(More)
2007 In social work education, more than in any other area, there are common aims between the individuals providing services, the teaching staff, the service users and the students.We should use these common aims to develop the courses together.
A study of the effects of hypertonic solutions on the structure of peripheral nerve myelin reveals an expansion rather than a contraction of the layer spacing. This suggests the absence of "free" water between the myelin layers. Hypotonic solutions bring about a change in radial repeat period from 171 A to 250 to 270 A. These findings are of significance in(More)