Peter Milligan

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The support for complex queries, such as range, prefix and aggregation queries, over structured peer-to-peer systems is currently an active and significant topic of research. This paper demonstrates how Skip Tree Graph, as a novel structure, presents an efficient solution to that problem area through provision of a distributed search tree functionality on(More)
This paper describes two approaches suitable for an FPGA implementation of Walsh-Hadamard transforms. These transforms are important in many signal-processing applications including speech compression, filtering and coding. Two novel architectures for the Fast Hadamard Transforms using both systolic architecture and distributed arithmetic techniques are(More)
Incidence calculus is a probabilistic logic which possesses both numerical and symbolic approaches. However, Liu in [5] pointed out that the original incidence calculus had some drawbacks and she established a generalized incidence calculus theory (GICT) based on Łukasiewicz's three-valued logic to improve it. In a GICT, an incidence function is defined to(More)
Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a technique used in Information Retrieval (IR) as an alternative to traditional keyword matching search techniques. LSI is a preferred technique as it can cope with problems and inaccuracies that arise due to synonymy and polysemy. In this paper a new philosophy for LSI analysis and evaluation is presented based on the use(More)