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Political power beyond the State: problematics of government. 1992.
This paper argues against an overvaluation of the 'problem of the State' in political debate and social theory and demonstrates that the analytical language structured by the philosophical opposition of state and civil society is unable to comprehend contemporary transformations in modes of exercise of political power.
The Foucault Effect: Studies in Governmentality
Governmental rationality - an introduction, Colin Gordon politics and the study of discourse, Michel Foucault questions of method, Michel Foucault governmentality, Michel Foucault theatrum politicum
Governing economic life
This paper proposes some new ways of analysing the exercise of political power in advanced liberal democratic societies. These are developed from Michel Foucault's conception of ‘governmentality’ and
Governing the present: administering economic, social and personal life
The literature on governmentality has had a major impact across the social sciences over the past decade, and much of this has drawn upon the pioneering work by Peter Miller and Nikolas Rose. This
The Foucault effect : studies in governmentality : with two lectures by and an interview with Michel Foucault
Based on Michel Foucault's 1978 and 1979 lectures at the Colle ge de France on governmental rationalities and his 1977 interview regarding his work on imprisonment, this volume is the long-awaited
Governing by Numbers: Why Calculative Practices Matter
Sociologists are busy rediscovering the economy (Callon, 1998; Fligstein, 1990; Granovetter, 1985). The roles of networks that connect and form agents figure large in this revival of interest in the
Mobilizing the Consumer
Les AA. examinent de quelle maniere les consommateurs sont mobilises. Ils analysent ce qu'induit le plaisir de la consommation ainsi que la signification psychologique de ce type de comportement
U.S. Public Opinion on Torture, 2001–2009
Many journalists and politicians believe that during the Bush administration, a majority of Americans supported torture if they were assured that it would prevent a terrorist attack. As Mark Danner
Early Voting and Turnout
Early or convenience voting—understood in this context to be relaxed administrative rules and procedures by which citizens can cast a ballot at a time and place other than the precinct on Election
The rediscovery of the economy as a legitimate object of sociological and cultural enquiry is in full swing. This is long overdue, and follows a remarkable neglect of such issues for many decades.