Peter Michael Goebel

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Accessibility of immunoglobulin (Ig) gene segments to V(D)J recombination is highly regulated and is normally only achieved in B cell precursors. We previously showed that ectopic expression of E2A or early B cell factor (EBF) with recombination activating gene (RAG) induces rearrangement of IgH and IgL genes in nonlymphoid cells. VkappaI genes throughout(More)
1. What is the original contribution of this work? This work investigates the emphasis of anisotropic features in the chrominance channels of color images, represented in YUV space, for compression purpose. In [3], this property is stated to be important for gray-level images by means of the contourlet transform and its pyramidal directional filter bank.(More)
This paper investigates a complementary compression concept to the JPEG 2000 standard for improving the compression efficiency of medical images , in terms of compression ratio and image quality, by introducing a denoising process before the application of the JPEG2000 compression. The case of dental radiography is assessed, where the JPEG 2000 compression(More)
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