Peter Meylakhs

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BACKGROUND Research on heroin withdrawal has primarily been done clinically, thus focussing on symptom severity, physiological manifestations, and how withdrawal impairs normal functioning. However, there is little scientific knowledge on how heroin withdrawal affects injection behaviour. This paper explores how withdrawal episodes heighten unsafe injection(More)
BACKGROUND Krokodil is an informal term for a cheap injectable illicit drug domestically prepared from codeine-containing medication (CCM). The method of krokodil preparation may produce desomorphine as well as toxic reactants that cause extensive tissue necrosis. The first confirmed report of krokodil use in Russia took place in 2004. In 2012, reports of(More)
A positive-deviance control-case life history study of injection drug users (IDUs) in New York City who had injected drugs for 8-15 years compared 21 IDUs who were antibody negative for both HIV and hepatitis C with 3 infected with both viruses and 11 infected with hepatitis C virus but not HIV. Eligible subjects were referred from other research studies(More)
Though prevalence of HIV and especially Hepatitis C is high among people who inject drugs (PWID) in New York, about a third of those who have injected for 8-15 years have avoided infection by either virus despite their long-term drug use. Based on life history interviews with 35 long-term PWID in New York, this article seeks to show how successful(More)
BACKGROUND The HIV epidemic among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Russia continues to spread. This exploratory study examines how HIV-prevention measures are perceived and experienced by PWID in the northwestern region of Russia. METHODS Purposive sampling was used to obtain a variety of cases that could reflect possible differences in perception and(More)
BACKGROUND The rise of social media proved to be a fertile ground for the expansion of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)-denialist movement (in the form of online communities). While there is substantial literature devoted to disproving AIDS-denialist views, there is a lack of studies exploring AIDS-denialists online communities that interact(More)
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