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Today’s environments of increasing business change require software development methodologies that are more adaptable. This article examines how complex adaptive systems (CAS) theory can be used to increase our understanding of how agile software development practices can be used to develop this capability. A mapping of agile practices to CAS principles and(More)
In 1989, Wand and Weber proposed a formal model of systems decomposition based on ontology. Chidamber and Kemerer (1994) soon applied this model to develop complexity metrics for object-oriented design (OOD). Chidamber and Kemerer’s OOD metrics suite continues to receive interest in software engineering (Bansiya and Davis 2002; Basili et al. 1996). To date,(More)
The study of the adoption of information technology (IT) by individuals has taken two approaches, one emphasizing rationalistic goal-oriented behavior and the other focusing on poignant forces that influence an individual's reaction to a new IT. These approaches are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Individuals' acceptance and subsequent usage of a new IT(More)