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Chemie polyfunktioneller Liganden, 53 [1] Über methyl-substituierte Triarsa-trioxa-, Triarsa-trithiaund Triarsa-triaza-adamantane und über den stark aufgeweiteten Adamantan-Käfig im Schwefel-Derivat
Abstract The reaction of l,l,l-tris(diiodarsinomethyl)ethane, CH3C(CH2Asl2)3 (1), with H2O, H2S and CH3NH2 in THF gives the adamantane cage compounds CH3C(CH2ASO)3 (4), CH3C(CH2ASS)3 (5) andExpand
Zur Reaktivität von Natrium-bis-trimethylsilylamid gegenüber Metallcarbonylkomplexen mit Metall-Metall-Bindungen, I ER2-verbrückte Dicyano- und Diisonitril-octacarbonyl-dimanganate (E = Sn, Pb) / The
Abstract EPh2 bridged dicyano octacarbonyl dimetalates {Ph2E[Mn(CO)4CN]2}2- are formed by the reaction of bis(carbonyl-metalates) of tin and lead Ph2E[Mn(CO)5]2 with NaN(SiMe3)2. The new dicyanoExpand
Zur kenntnis der chemie der metallcarbonyle und der cyanokomplexe in flüssigem ammoniak
Abstract The covalent carbamoyl carbonyl compounds Re(CO) 5 COHN 2 , cis -M(CO) 4 (L)CONH 2 , M(CO) 3 (L) 2 CONH 2 and M(CO) 3 (D)CONH 2 (M = Mn, Re; L = PPh 3 , PEt 3 ; D = bipy, phen) are formed byExpand
η3-allyl-monocyano-tricarbonylmetallate und η3-allyl-monoisonitril-tricarbonyle des mangans und rheniums
Abstract The reactions of η3-C3H4RM(CO)4 (η3-C3H5 = allyl for R = H; η3-C4H7 = 2-methylallyl for R = Me; M = Mn, Re) with NaN(SiMe3)2 lead to the formation of the η3-allylmonocyanotricarbonylExpand
Beiträge zur Chemie der Carbonylkomplexe mit Germanium-bzw. Zinn-Übergangsmetall-Bindungen
Preparation de complexes Cl 2 E[M(CO) 2 Cp][M'(CO) 4 ] (E=Sn, Ge) M=Fe, Ru, M'=Fe, Co. Spectres de masse
Über neue zweikernige Metallcarbonylkomplexe mit Cyclohexadienyl-cycloheptatrien-und Cyclohexadienyl-isonitril-Brücken/On New Dinuclear Metal Carbonyl Complexes with Cyclohexadienyl Cycloheptatriene
Abstract The reactions of the electrophilic [C6H7Fe(CO)3]+ -and [C6H7Fe(CO)2CNEt]+-cations with theextremely nucleophilic [C7H7Fe(CO)3]- -anion lead to the formation of the dinuclear cyclohexadienylExpand
Zur kenntnis der cyclopentadienyl-nitrosyl-carbonyl-isonitril-komplexe der VI. Und der cyclopentadienyl-dicarbonyl-isonitril-komplexe der VII. Nebengruppe
Abstract The nitrosylcarbonylisonitrile complexes η5-C5H5M(NO)(CO)CNR (R = Me for Cr, Mo, W; R = Et, SiMe3, GeMe3, SnMe3 for Mo) are formed by treatment of the nitrosylcarbonylcyanometalatesExpand
Beiträge zur Chemie der Carbonylkomplexe mit Germanium-bzw. Zinn-Übergangsmetall-Bindungen/ Contributions to the Chemistry of Carbonyl Complexes with Germanium or Tin Transition Metal Bonds
Abstract Dihalogeno bis(carbonylm etalato) germanium (IV) and tin(IV ) com pounds listed in Table I are obtained in high yields by the reaction o f TlCo(CO)4 or TlFe(CO)3NO with trihalogenoExpand