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Large-scale landfarming experiments have been performed on a loamy sand soil. An amount of 1,350 m3/ha oil sludge together with nutrients (N,P,K) and a bacterial inoculum were applied at two different times over a five-year period. At both test periods, biodegradation of the hydrocarbons (HC) was best fitted with first order reaction kinetics with(More)
A series of packing materials, non porous and porous, were tested, in order to elucidate the most important factors for colonization. It seemed that respectively surface roughness and total porosity plus pore size are mostly affecting the colonization velocity. Reticulated polyurethane foam appeared an excellent colonization matrix.
rent electronic applications has led to an explosive increase in their use. E-banking, electronic fund transfer, online shopping and virtual auctions are just some applications prevalently used by the public. Trust, as a result, has become more of an issue. As expected, there is an element of security when performing transactions in person. When using(More)
Dealing with non-linear distortion in fingerprint images is a major difficulty for automated fingerprint verification systems. While this distortion can be a nuisance in minutiae matching systems, it is a major concern when matching smaller structures, such as points along ridges and pore locations. In this paper we show that a simple transformation derived(More)
Biometric authentication using fingerprint is one of the unique, prominent and reliable method of verification processes. The paper presents different techniques used in fingerprint authentication system. Log Gabor filter algorithm is used to extract the features of fingerprints. Then, these features are compared for identification and recognition of a(More)
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