Peter McKendry

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The use of renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly necessary, if we are to achieve the changes required to address the impacts of global warming. Biomass is the most common form of renewable energy, widely used in the third world but until recently, less so in the Western world. Latterly much attention has been focused on identifying suitable(More)
The conversion of biomass by gasification into a fuel suitable for use in a gas engine increases greatly the potential usefulness of biomass as a renewable resource. Gasification is a robust proven technology that can be operated either as a simple, low technology system based on a fixed-bed gasifier, or as a more sophisticated system using fluidized-bed(More)
The use of biomass to provide energy has been fundamental to the development of civilisation. In recent times pressures on the global environment have led to calls for an increased use of renewable energy sources, in lieu of fossil fuels. Biomass is one potential source of renewable energy and the conversion of plant material into a suitable form of energy,(More)
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