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We consider an extension of the 1-D concept of analytical wavelet to n-D which is by construction compatible with rotations. This extension, called a monogenic wavelet, yields a decomposition of the wavelet coefficients into amplitude, phase, and phase direction. The monogenic wavelet is based on the hypercomplex monogenic signal which is defined using(More)
We propose a new analysis tool for signals that is based on complex wavelet signs, called a signature. The complex-valued signature of a signal at some spatial location is defined as the fine-scale limit of the signs of its complex wavelet coefficients. We show that the signature equals zero at sufficiently regular points of a signal whereas at salient(More)
Received (Day Month Year) Revised (Day Month Year) Communicated by (xxxxxxxxxx) Fractional B-splines are a natural extension of classical B-splines. In this short paper, we show their relations to fractional divided differences and fractional difference operators , and present a generalized Hermite-Genochi formula. This formula then allows the definition of(More)
The notion of complex B-spline is extended to a multivariate setting by means of ridge functions employing the known geometric relationship between ordinary B-splines and multivariate B-splines. To derive properties of complex B-splines in R s , 1 < s ∈ N, the Dirichlet average has to be generalized to include infinite dimensional simplices △ ∞. Based on(More)
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