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Enterprise schemas tend to be different, which is the key issue when the seamless communication between systems is of utmost importance. One solution could be the development of standards which then could be enforced, however, vendors seem to be reluctant to comply with them and communication between existing and legacy systems still remains unsolved. Other(More)
Due to the heterogeneity of softwares used by companies, Enterprise Application Integration faces many challenges, one of which is the matching of schemas. In order to be able to launch and maintain communication among these applications, their interfaces should be semantically mapped. Many promising schema matching solutions have been proposed throughout(More)
In this paper, we present an approach for the implementation of semantically enriched services in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). We present an integration platform based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which consists of a service registry, a process designer and a run-time engine. There are some additional components for realizing(More)
Schema matching has the task of identifying semantically related entities in schemas. In the classic approach, a semantic distance is established among schema entities of the input schemas, based on which values the entity pairs are classified as match or non-match by means of a threshold value. This approach is, however, cumbersome in some schema matching(More)
Schema matching is an essential task in data integration scenarios. The proposed schema matchers can be classified into several categories, one of which is the category of linguistic matchers, which evaluate relatedness comparing the textual elements in the schemata. There are several linguistic matchers the performance of which may vary from scenario to(More)
Modern enterprise system landscapes leverage heterogeneous applications. In order to launch and maintain communication, matching the schema of these diverse applications is of key importance. Since the manual matching of schemas is time-consuming and error prone, only the application of automated schema matchers constitute a viable solution to this problem.(More)
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