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Choline is an essential metabolite for the growth of filamentous fungi. It occurs most notably as a component of the major membrane phospholipid, phosphatidyl choline (lecithin), and fulfills a major role in sulphate metabolism in the form of choline-o-sulphate in many species. Choline is usually synthesised endogenously, but exogenous choline can also be(More)
The hyphal tip ultrastructure ofAspergillus nidulans andAspergillus giganteus indicates that their apical organization is very similar to that found in other filamentous fungi. Both species have an area immediately behind the hyphal apex free of all large organelles and containing a high concentration of vesicles. InA. giganteus only one size class of(More)
In order to characterise and classify an unknown maize-infecting potyvirus isolated from fields in northeast Spain, the entire coat protein gene and the C-terminal twothirds of the large nuclear inclusion protein (NIb) gene were cloned and sequenced. Protein sequencing enabled the cleavage site between the two proteins to be deduced and also revealed that(More)
Hyphae around the periphery of colonies of Penicillium chrysogenum were subjected to hypotonic shock by flooding them with distilled water at 25 degrees C, which provoked bursting of hyphal tips. A minority of hyphal tips (26%) burst rapidly within 1.8 s of the flooding, but bursting continued to occur such that the majority of peripheral tips (51%) were(More)
Cassava mosaic disease (CMD) is the most widespread and economically important disease of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in tropical Africa. A disease of cassava was first described in East Africa in the nineteenth century (Warburg, 1894) and cassava mosaic, as it came to be called, was subsequently reported as spreading throughout the cassava-growing(More)
When incubated at 45 degrees C in the absence of added mannose, pregrown hyphae of a temperature-sensitive, mannose-relief mutant (mnrA455) of Aspergillus nidulans grew normally for a short time (4-5 h) before exhibiting an abnormal morphology consisting of the production by hyphae of discrete spherical swellings called balloons. These swellings could be up(More)
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Consideration of the initiation of genetic recombination from fixed sites recognised by an initiation complex, has provided more details of the envisaged mechanism and implications of a recent hypothesis. It has been shown that the hypothesis allows for more than one recombinogenic event to result from a single binding of the recombination initiation(More)
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