Peter Macdonald

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PURPOSE The purpose of this systematic review was to address the treatment of multiligament knee injuries, specifically (1) surgical versus nonoperative treatment, (2) repair versus reconstruction of injured ligamentous structures, and (3) early versus late surgery of damaged ligaments. METHODS Two independent reviewers performed a search on PubMed from(More)
A systematic approach to evaluation and treatment is needed for the patient with knee dislocation. There is a paucity of high-level evidence on which to base treatment decisions. Reported controversies related to the treatment of the multiligament-injured knee include the selective use of arteriography for vascular assessment, serial physical examination(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate whether the introduction of a strict protocol based on the systemic evaluation of critically ill pregnant women with complications of hypertension affected the outcome of those women. METHOD STUDY GROUP Indigent South African women managed in the tertiary hospitals of the Pretoria Academic Complex. Since 1997 a standard(More)
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