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The power and flexibility of botnets is rising together with increasing the computational power of personal computers and growing network bandwidth. This implies extreme demands on ISP's security resources in contrast to minimizing the delay and maximizing the throughput of the network. The main contribution of our approach is ability to detect botnet's(More)
We build a full network laboratory simulator that is as realistic as possible. To provide the " real " feeling, we use the Cisco router emulator called Dynamips, which is able to execute Cisco IOS for certain router platforms. By combining this emulator with host and network virtualization technologies we build whole virtual network laboratory comprising of(More)
We describe systems of nonlinear wave equations of the form 2uj = Fj(u1,. .. , u4), j = 1,. .. , 4 invariant under the extended Poincaré group P (1, 3). As a result, we have obtained twenty inequivalent classes of nonlinear P (1, 3)-invariant systems of partial differential equations. It is well-known that the maximal symmetry group admitted by the(More)
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