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The neuropsychological and clinical histories of three male siblings affected by pyridoxine-dependent seizures with known homozygous antiquitin mutations are presented. Neuropsychological evaluation is reported from when the siblings were 11, 9, and 7 years of age. Two of the siblings had received early pyridoxine treatment (antenatal, 2-4 wks into(More)
This investigation tested the hypotheses that individuals disposed towards hallucination are deficient in the meta-cognitive skills of reality discrimination and reality monitoring, and that there is a strong correlation between the measures of these skills. Normal subjects scoring high or low on a scale measuring predisposition towards hallucination were(More)
This study investigated the immediate effects of stimulant medication (methylphenidate) on cognitive attention processes in children with attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Thirteen males and two females (mean age 9 y 5 mo, SD 18.3 mo) with a diagnosis of ADHD and who were to be prescribed methylphenidate were assessed twice on one day with(More)
BACKGROUND Children with specific language impairment (SLI) often experience difficulties in the recall and repetition of verbal information. Archibald and Gathercole (2006) suggested that children with SLI are vulnerable across two separate components of a tripartite model of working memory (Baddeley and Hitch 1974). However, the hierarchical relationship(More)
Reorganization of eloquent cortex enables rescue of language functions in patients who sustain brain injury. Individuals with left-sided, early-onset focal epilepsy often show atypical (i.e. bilateral or right-sided) language dominance. Surprisingly, many patients fail to show such interhemispheric shift of language despite having major epileptogenic(More)
We systematically compared fMRI results for covert (silent) and overt (spoken) versions of a language task in a representative sample of children with lesional focal epilepsy being considered for neurosurgical treatment (N=38, aged 6-17 years). The overt task was advantageous for presurgical fMRI assessments of language; it produced higher quality scans,(More)
BACKGROUND Paranoid delusions are associated with abnormal attributions and abnormal beliefs about the self. Some researchers have also reported an association between paranoid beliefs and abnormal attachment representations. SAMPLING AND METHODS Perceptions of relationships with the family of origin were measured in 14 currently ill paranoid patients, 9(More)
Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS) is a sporadic disorder characterized by naevus (port wine stain), a pial angioma, and glaucoma. The angioma comprises abnormal tortuous vessels on the leptomeninges with underlying brain gliosis, calcification, and atrophy. The cerebral angioma is commonly unilateral but may be bilateral. Hemiplegia usually follows recurrent(More)
The consumption of 500 ml milk following muscle damaging exercise can attenuate decreases in muscle functional capacity and increases in markers of muscle damage and soreness in males. There has been no similar research in female participants. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the effects of milk consumption on exercise-induced muscle(More)
Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) and non-SDA (21.3 and 78.7 %, respectively) individuals (n = 7172) participating in the Complete Health Improvement Program, a 30-day diet and lifestyle intervention, in North America (241 programs, 2006-2012) were assessed for changes in selected chronic disease risk factors: body mass index (BMI), blood pressure (BP), pulse,(More)