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BACKGROUND Carbon and nitrogen are two signals that influence plant growth and development. It is known that carbon- and nitrogen-signaling pathways influence one another to affect gene expression, but little is known about which genes are regulated by interactions between carbon and nitrogen signaling or the mechanisms by which the different pathways(More)
BACKGROUND Light and carbon are two essential signals influencing plant growth and development. Little is known about how carbon and light signaling pathways intersect or influence one another to affect gene expression. RESULTS Microarrays are used to investigate carbon and light signaling interactions at a genome-wide level in Arabidopsis thaliana. A(More)
All organisms modify the bases of their RNA after transcription. Relatively little is known about the functions that these chemical alterations serve and, with very few exceptions, even less has been established regarding the enzymology involved. One modified base of known function is 4-thiouridine at position 8 of certain bacterial tRNAs, which serves as a(More)
BACKGROUND Cycads are ancient seed plants (living fossils) with origins in the Paleozoic. Cycads are sometimes considered a 'missing link' as they exhibit characteristics intermediate between vascular non-seed plants and the more derived seed plants. Cycads have also been implicated as the source of 'Guam's dementia', possibly due to the production of(More)
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