Peter M. McNeill

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Although some motor functions of the basal ganglia have been well studied, the oculomotor functions are not well established. We studied eye movements in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) undergoing pallidotomy to assess the role of the globus pallidus interna (GPi) in oculomotor control. Horizontal visually guided, gap and predictive saccades as well(More)
The effect of miniaturizing the electrode lead for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) therapy was investigated in this work. A direct comparison was made between a miniature lead (0.65 mm diameter) and a lead of standard size (1.3 mm). Acute in vivo implantation in two cat brains was performed to evaluate surgical trauma and confirm capacity to target thalamic(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess postoperative effects of unilateral posteroventral pallidotomy on the organisation of upper limb movement. METHODS A three dimensional kinematic system (ELITE, B/T/S/ Italy) was used to record reach to grasp movements to objects of either small (0.7 cm) or large (8 cm) diameter placed at a reaching distance of either 20 or 30 cm. Four(More)
Motor nerve biopsy was attempted on 19 occasions in 18 patients. Nerve tissue was obtained in 16. The nerves biopsied included those to the anconeus (4 times), palmaris longus (6), flexor sublimus (1), triceps (2), extensor carpi radialis (1), quadriceps (1) and gastrocnemius (1). Attempts to biopsy the radial nerve, the nerve to plantaris and the left(More)
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