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The Blu-Ice and Distributed Control System (DCS) software packages were developed to provide unified control over the disparate hardware resources available at a macromolecular crystallography beamline. Blu-Ice is a user interface that provides scientific experimenters and beamline support staff with intuitive graphical tools for collecting diffraction data(More)
Protein photosensors from all kingdoms of life use bound organic molecules, known as chromophores, to detect light. A specific double bond within each chromophore is isomerized by light, triggering slower changes in the protein as a whole. The initial movements of the chromophore, which can occur in femtoseconds, are tightly constrained by the surrounding(More)
Complete automation of the macromolecular crystallography experiment has been achieved at SSRL through the combination of robust mechanized experimental hardware and a flexible control system with an intuitive user interface. These highly reliable systems have enabled crystallography experiments to be carried out from the researchers' home institutions and(More)
This case report describes our technique of percutaneous sacroiliac screw fixation of a bilateral sacral fracture with spinopelvic dissociation. It is based on the description of an iliosacroiliac bony corridor delimited by the following landmarks: the sacral ala in a superior-anterior direction, the first sacral foramen on both sides in an(More)
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